Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Summer Season Concert Series - Philly Style: September 8th

  Kung Fu Necktie:
  Headliner: Thomas Functions
  Opening Act: Party Photographers / Moon Women / Bad Cop
  Doors: 7pm / Show: 8pm 

  These guys from Alabama promise to make a good impression on new listeners and fans of their music and shows. Josh, Philip and Zach are in town to bring about their rough cut sounds of rock, pop, soul and shoegaze with a bit of Jackson Brown's influence. The Thomas Functions have rarely been thought of, but that all might change with their shows.

  Johnny Brendas:
  Headliner: Balmorea
  Opening Act: Mountains
  Doors: 8pm / Show: 9pm 

  This group consists of a beautiful combination of neo-classical strings and chamber-rock music that make them sound like scene leaders. They come congregating together to create a good symposium of folk elements - i.e. banjos and acoustic guitars. They blend in beautifully with more formal instrumentation. They convey themselves as both instantly accessible and tirelessly rewarding, with vague and mysterious vocal emissions further adding colour to their already vibrant mix and there's enough going on here to give the group its own enjoyable place with their music. Their instrumental focus is well heard of especially live, their commitment absolutely precise and yet varied arrangement works as its own composition for their albums and performances. In their shows, you'll find elements of full-on drone and dramatic atmospherics with their quick piano parts over a low bass pulse feeling like the pace of a slow shanty before breaking into suddenly portentous keyboard. 

North Star Bar:
  Headliner: Jesse Malin & The St. Marks Social
  Opening Act: Moneybrother / John Olmstead Band
  Doors: 7pm / Show: 8pm 

  This New York City front man, guitarist, singer/songwriter is back to his hard-riffing best, a literate rock n'roller to the tips of his Cuban heels. The genuine article in an age dominated by phonies. After three critically acclaimed solo records, dozens of world tours and TV appearances, Jesse Malin found himself back in New York City questioning his next move. From his days fronting seminal hardcore trio Heart Attack and infamous glam punks D Generation, then seven years on the road as a solo artist, Malin had cultivated a devout fan base. Hard to believe that here was a time for over a year he didn’t play or record. Over the summer of 2009, in the basement of Avenue A watering hole Hi-Fi, the songs came forth. Malin, with impresario Don DiLego, drummer Randy Schrager, guitarist Matt Hogan, and bassist/DJ Tommy USA, worked with his newly formed band to bash out an album’s worth of gritty anthems, and The St. Marks Social was born. A solid band, but one with an open door to Malin’s community of musician friends - longtime partner in crime Ryan Adams, pop singer Mandy Moore, fellow label mate Brian Fallon, and former bandmates from D Generation Howie Pyro and Danny Sage.

  Headliner: Dirty Projectors
  Opening Act: Owen Pallett
  Doors: 7pm / Show: 7:30pm 

  This Brooklyn-based experimental rock band is composed of Dave Longstreth - lead vocals along with Amber Coffman - vocals, guitar, Angel Deradoorian - vocals, keyboard, samples, guitar, bass, Brian McOmber - drums, Nat Baldwin - bass, and Haley Dekle - vocals. In 2002 Dave released "The Graceful Fallen Mango" under his own name, but a year later he reintroduced his experimental rock project as "Dirty Projectors,” a moniker he's kept longer than any particular lineup. Longstreth and a revolving cast of collaborators have since released four full lengths, multiple compilations and EPs: From The Getty Address’s electro-infused Don Henley-themed opera to Rise Above's rewriting of Black Flag's Damaged from memory (grafting of African musical ideas to punk rock fantasies), Longstreth has, forged his own path with authority and an inexhaustible urgency with the groups and sounds he has created.

 World Cafe Live:
  Headliner: Tortoise
  Opening Act: Greg Davis / Ben Vida / Grimace Federation
  Doors: 8pm / Show: 9pm 
  Tickets:$25; $35

  From their humble beginnings a few decades back, Tortoise has been known as a group that resists easy metaphors and analogies. They can be described as having a sound of their own and no one else's. Twenty years after its founding, the band's signature and singularly inimitable sound—a fluid intersection of dub, dance, jazz, techno, rock, and classical minimalism, with no part overwhelming or dominating the whole—remains an American and international original. Even more unusually, they seem to have arrived at their sound with almost no apprenticeship to speak of; to judge from their early singles and albums alone, they seem to have come into being with their musical identity and DNA fully formed, like Athena from the forehead of Zeus. Tortoise remains unique in the world of contemporary music for their boundless intellectual curiosity, their unmistakable compositional voice, and their synthesis of seemingly contradictory sound worlds far from their doorstep.


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