Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer Season Concert Series - Philly Style: September 1st

Rittenhouse Square Park:
  Headliner: The Homophones
  Opening Act: Government Cheaze / Post Post
  Show: 6pm 
  Tickets: FREE!!

  These guys could be the next reincarnation of a lo-fi Smiths... or could they be a hi-fi Beat Happening? There's something familiar, comfortable and charming about the way Jason Ferraro's luxurious baritone vocals rest on those lightly marching snares and strumming acoustics. And when the backing vocals chime in, and the synths emerge from the shadows, The Homophones can lead you somewhere really artsy.

North Star Bar:
  Headliner: The Reign of Kindo
  Opening Act: Dinner and A Suit / Great Pile of Leaves / Trevor Gordon Hall
  Doors: 6pm / Show: 7pm 

  Amazing vocals pouring over groovy, jazzy beats with intertwining guitars and piano blend to create an amazing sound. Rare is it to find modern music that pinpoints the middle ground between a respect for past greats and a boldness to pave tomorrow - quite modestly, the definition of The Reign of Kindo. The group cites influences from Dave Brubeck to Ben Folds to Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto to John Mayer that's crafted to blend such diverse influences into an identity so refreshing, unique, and universally personable. Their sound that is like that of veteran musicians who are about 40 and have been playing their instruments since they were one. Ultimately, when listening to them, one would get a wonderful blend of tracks that encapsulate a world that disappears when the rhythm and chords fill the ears, providing the audience with the best musical escapism.  

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